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Welcome to the new Budget and Legislative Home Page.
This page will be updated regularly with 2017-2018 budget information and presentations.

Proposition Results

Budget (Prop I)- Yes-No-

H.S. Designation (Prop II)- Yes- No-

Library (Prop III)- Yes-No-

Capital Reserve Account for M.S. Univent/Heating Renovation- Yes-No-

Board Member Election (Vote for One)

Budget Information and News

Budget Audit by OSC-2017

Budget Workshop Presentation 2/15/17

Budget Workshop Presentation 3/15/17

Budget Workshop Presentation 3/29/17

Adopted Budget Presentation 4-19-17

Adopted Line by Line Budget w/Percent Change 2017-2018

Budget Brochure 2017

Supplemental Budget Information

Legislative Action Updates
Property Tax Informational Brochure Published by SCSSA

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