Budget Legislative

Welcome to the new Budget and Legislative Home Page.
This page will be updated regularly with 2018-2019 budget information and presentations.

Proposition Results

Budget (Prop I)- Yes-246  No- 92

H.S. Designation (Prop II)- Yes-279  No-79

Library (Prop III)- Yes-275 No- 63

Board Member Election (Vote for Two)

Greg Menegio- 253

Lisa Pesce- 255

Budget Information and News

Budget Workshop Presentation #1 on 2/27/18

Budget Workshop Presentation #2 on 3/14/18

Budget Workshop Presentation #3 on 3/28/18

Budget Adoption Workshop #4 on 4/18/18

Budget Hearing Presentation on 5/2/18


Budget for 2018-2019

Budget Information for the Community 

Absentee Ballot