Athletic Programs


A wide variety of athletic activities are offered during the year for 7th and 8th grade students. Students are encouraged to try out for and participate in as many different activities as possible. All interested candidates who are academically eligible for a team must pass the required physical examination given prior to the upcoming school year. A signed parental permission slip is also required for participation. Physicals are performed during the summer months by appointment only.

You may download copies of the various forms needed to participate in a sport.:

A student will become ineligible for participation in any sport or extracurricular activity if he/she fails two or more subject areas in the report card period prior to that season. Also, a student may be considered ineligible for a sport or extracurricular activity if he/she exhibits unacceptable behavior in school or on a team.

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Sport Offerings

Fall Sports

Boys Girls
Soccer Soccer
Cross Country Cross Country

Early Winter Sports

Boys Girls
Basketball Volleyball

Late Winter Sports

Boys Girls
Volleyball Basketball

Spring Sports

Boys Girls
Baseball Softball
Lacrosse Lacrosse

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A team member is committed to be at all practices and games unless they are absent or have a note from a parent that excuses them for a scheduled appointment. Only one unexcused absence is permitted per season. Continued participation on any team is dependent on displaying proper school behavior and good sportsmanship.

Practices will be held after school from 3:30-5:00. Any other practice times (weekend, morning) will be determined by the coach.

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For a schedule of all East Moriches games, consult the Section XI Website.

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Students and parents are invited to attend interscholastic sports events. It is expected that all spectators abide by the following:

  1. Display good sportsmanship (no booing, derogatory remarks, or confrontations with other fans).
  2. No food, gum or drinks will be permitted in our school gymnasium at any time.
  3. No bikes, animals or other such obstructions will be permitted on the outdoor playing fields or spectator areas.
  4. Outside spectators will not be permitted back into the school building after the close of the regular school day. Therefore, arrangements must be made with parents prior to all games for transportation home.
  5. No spectators will be allowed at practice sessions.
  6. Anyone who does not follow the above rules or does not follow directions of supervising chaperones will lose his/her privilege of attending future extracurricular activities.

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Supervision will be provided during game time only. Games usually start around 4pm. Student spectators will not be supervised before games or after games and may not remain in the building. Therefore, please arrange to pick up your youngster promptly after each game.

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