Budget Legislative 2020-21

Proposition Results

Budget (Prop I)- Yes-937  No-443

H.S. Designation (Prop II)- Yes-1200  No-181

Library (Prop III)- Yes-1059 No-324

Facility Replacement and Repair (Prop IV)-Yes-1127 No-255

Board Member Election (Vote for One)

Michael Griffin-1064

Budget Information and News (Updates will post after each 2020-2021 BOE Workshop Meeting)

Budget Workshop Presentation, February 26, 2020

Budget Workshop Presentation, March 11, 2020

Budget Workshop Presentation, March 25, 2020

Budget Workshop Presentation, April 21, 2020

Detailed Budget and Financial Information 2020-2021

Budget 2020-2021 Line by Line, Three-Part

Budget Hearing, June 2nd, 2020 

On-Line Budget Newsletter and Voting Information

On-Line Newsletter and Voting Information (Spanish Version)

Absentee Ballot

Absentee Ballot in Spanish

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