Remote Learning

Guidance for East Moriches parents on the District's plans for School Reopening and Remote Learning

School District Reopening
What would a remote learning model look like?

  • Students attend remotely
  • Improved Version of Distance Learning
  • Based off of Feedback from Teachers/Parents
  • Google Classroom and GoTo Meeting
  • Regular School Hours
  • Students Follow Same Schedule as In-Person Students
  • Increased Direct Instruction
  • Instruction Provided through Screen Share
  • Check In Support with GoTo Meeting
  • Synchronous Education
  • Structure and Consistency
  • Attendance
  • Full Access to Technology for Families in Need

Sample Student Schedules

Period Sample Elementary School Schedule
1 ELA Lesson
2 ELA GoTo Meeting
3 Lunch
4 Math Lesson
5 Math GoTo Meeting
6 Snack
7 Special Area Lesson
8 Science/SS Lesson
9 Break
Period Sample Middle School Schedule
1 Math Lesson
2 Science Lesson
3 Check-in w/ Remote Go-To-Person
4 Special Area Lesson
5 Lunch
6 ELA Lesson
7 SS Lesson
8 Special Area Lesson
9 Spanish Lesson