Budget Information

Welcome to the East Moriches School District's Financial and Budget Information portal, your central resource for transparent and comprehensive financial data. We understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and accountability in supporting our mission to provide high-quality education for students of our community.

In this digital hub, we are committed to providing our community with easy access to detailed budgetary information, financial audits and reviews, as well as Federal and State Grants. Whether you're a parent, a community member, or a staff member, we believe in the importance of transparency and open communication regarding our financial practices.

We strive to ensure that every dollar entrusted to us is utilized efficiently and effectively to support student success and enhance the educational experience, being mindful of the financial impact on the community.

Our goal is to foster trust and collaboration within our community by providing clear insights into our financial decisions and priorities. By promoting transparency and accountability, we aim to uphold the highest standards of integrity and stewardship in managing the district's resources.

Thank you for your interest in the East Moriches School District's financial affairs. We invite you to explore this portal and engage with us as we work together to ensure the responsible management of our district's finances for the benefit of our students and community.


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